The French-style wedding is synonymous with romance and love. It has to be an unforgettable day not just for the bride and groom but also for their guests.

Some time before the wedding, the lovers become engaged. The young man prepares to propose, organising a very special evening to surprise his future wife. On that evening, on bended knee, he takes out of his pocket a box containing a ring and asks for the young woman's hand.

The future bride and groom have about a year to prepare for their big day. The preparations are very important, as this is the time when they choose the venue for the reception. France abounds in historic places and many couples choose a suitably impressive château for their big day. Next comes the selection of the meal and wines. This is a matter of great importance in France, this being the land of gastronomy and vineyards. The big day is prepared for according to the couple's wishes and tradition.

When it arrives it's a very exciting moment. The bride puts on her big white dress and attaches her veil, and the guests prepare to throw rice when the bride and groom emerge.

Mariage à la française